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Brookland Valley Daphnis Wilyabrup Margaret River

The iconic and immediately recognisable statue of Daphnis playing the flute, has been depicted on our labels from the very first and can be found in a picturesque location overlooking the Wilyabrup Brook.

In Greek mythology Daphnis was a Sicilian shepherd who was said to be the inventor of Pastoral Poetry.

The pastoral lifestyle of shepherds entails herding livestock around open areas of land according to the seasons and the changing availability of water and pasture. The tradition of pastoral poetry refers to creative works that idealise rural life and landscapes and represent a perfect relationship of man living in harmony with nature. Pastoral poems are set in beautiful rural landscapes, the literary term for which is “locus amoenus” which is Latin for beautiful place.

McGregors Cottage

McGregors Cottage Brookland Valley Margaret River Wilyabrup wine Coastal Run

Daniel McGregor was granted permission to cut timber for "domestic purposes" to build the cottage at the entrance to the Brookland Valley property in 1881.

Daniel McGregor was a pioneer of the south west region, he arrived with his family at the Swan River colony as a 15 year old in 1851. After assisting his step-father develop property on the Preston River (one and a half miles from the Bunbury townsite) at the age of 22 McGregor realised that he needed to begin saving for a farm of his own. Daniel contracted to convey the mail to Perth – this required him to walk all the way to Perth carrying the mail on his back.

From 1849 until 1854 McGregor worked as the Deputy Manager of the farming property, Belvedere. It was during this time he married Agnes Lockhart and they had the first three of their nine children. McGregor took over the license of the Vasse Hotel, Busselton from 1854 until 1859 and in 1856 he was able to purchase Cometville (later renamed Comet Vale) a fertile 900 acre property in Quindalup. In 1858 McGregor began farming at Comet Vale where he remained until the end of his life in 1898. McGregor and his wife also played a role in the rescue of the survivors of the Geogette.

McGregor owned and leased a vast stretch of land giving him access to the coastal strip west of Caves Road stretching from Cowaramup Bay in the south to Cape Clairault (and at one stage Yallingup) in the north.  The Brookland Valley property then referred to as Sussex Location 165 was granted to Daniel McGregor on a peppercorn lease. The Brookland Valley property was part of the Coast Run or Coastal Run used for the grazing of Cattle.

After the property was sold by the McGregor family the cottage was used to run horse coaches, being situated on Caves Road made it an ideal depot.


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