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Estate Vineyards

"The might of the Indian Ocean, with her cooling sea breezes, works together with a babbling brook called Wilyabrup to give Brookland Valley its singular terroir."

The Estate is located in the Margaret River sub-region of Wilyabrup. Our unique vineyard is situated on the Wilyabrup Brook and is the last land holding before the brook reaches the ocean. Less than two kilometres from the Indian Ocean, it is our proximity to these two waterbodies that has a profound effect on the climatic conditions in the vineyard and the fruit characters of our grapes. The cooling sea breeze keeps the temperatures mild during summer to allow our grapes to ripen slowly which enhances flavour development.

This location is regarded as one of the premium areas for growing both exceptional Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, with our vineyards and portfolio are largely focused on these noble varieties. 

Our vineyard is located on the edge of the Leeuwin's Naturaliste Ridge. Over millions of years the granite ridge has weathered to form gravel loam soils which are perfect for growing grapes. Not overly fertile these soils allow the vines to naturally develop into low yielding vines which then deliver intensely flavoured fruit.

A “close planted” vineyard (3472 vines per hectare at 2.4m by 1.2 m and 3333 vines per hectare at 2m by 1.5m), from the sunny north-facing slopes down to the flats alongside the Wilyabrup Brook. 

A combination of spur and cane pruning is used to leave the required amount of buds. Shoot-thinning, foliage reduction and fruit removal make for intensive hands-on work throughout the growing season.

Principles of sustainability and respect for the soil and environment govern the management of our vineyard.